Friday, March 18, 2011


Today's the last day of Spring Break! I can't believe it! I was sick the first 3 days, so don't you think I need a refund for those days?? It sure was a nice, relaxing and most welcomed break! The wheat is a beautiful emerald green and even the pastures are starting to green up. I love this time of year!
Got a little riding time in as well! Sweet Ed is such a sweetie!Susie and Luanne came out and we rode the river road loop! It was blowin' a gale that day, but other than that, it was a gorgeous day and a great ride!
Left over cotton where the module stood - TEXAS SNOW!

Biscuit has certainly enjoyed the attention this week!

My Sweet Ed!

Even though duck season is a year away, Zack set up camp in the laundry room, cleaned his decoys and fitted new lines and anchors on each one.

Dyke and Zack went to Miller Creek to camp and fish. Zack won the contest for the most fish and the biggest fish!

He is such "his father's son"!

Jake and his friends drove to Taos, NM to ski for a few days, so I have no pictures of him!!!! He wouldn't even let me take his picture when he got home!! If I can sneak a picture, I'll add it to this post!

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Carancahua Creek said...

love the pictures and update! Looks like you had a great week off. Not many more to go!!