Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well, I guess when the days change from near freezing to 80 degrees...Spring is trying to eeak it's way into the atmosphere. Last weekend brought a sandstorm that blocked out the daylight and the entire sky was red with sand! Here's a shot from just south of our house as I drove could barely see the farm!
Spring also brings better fishing, so Dyke and his brother and a couple of others decided to head to Lake Arrowhead to try their "homemade" catfish bait. Zack "skipped" out of school - his grades are wonderful and it was a perfect Father-Son trip. Here's Zack with one of the larger catfish that they caught (the head).
On Thursday, Zack had his first track meet in Vernon! He won the discus with a throw of 136 ft. and got 2nd in the shot put with a heave of 40'9"

Jake came home Thursday night so that he could work to make some Spring Break money. We decided to ship the bull (Toro) and 2 big steers to Hollis, OK. Their sale is Saturday morning. So, I called the cows up and we sorted those to be sold.

We've had Toro for 5 years and he's been great, but it's time to breed out the longhorn traits - longhorns don't bring much at the sale and he's almost past his prime.Sorting the steers and pushin' Toro to the chute to load in the trailer. With his wide horns, we had to reset one of the T-posts so he could fit. Here's Jake with the T-post driver.

It was kinda sad to see Toro loaded and ready for the sale. He was bottle raised and has been a great bull for our young heifers!

They got loaded and Jake had one of his High School buddies ride to the sale barn in Hollis, OK with him. It's about a 1.5 hr. drive each way.
Glad to get them shipped.
Ready for a young angus bull.

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