Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ooooweeeeee, the thief of time has stolen again! This Fall has been moving at warp speed, but these pics should catch you up to speed on things here in Texas!

One evening, the dogs started barking, and it wasn't just the tone of bark that they usually proclaim when their conversing with the was rapid, high pitched and carried a "warning" overtone...I went out to the the storm cellar...was...a............BADGER! They had him backed in the corner of the concreted storm cellar and good gracious, was he MAD! I ran in to tell Zack and of course, the "WILD KINGDOM" genes that Zack possesses instantly thrust him into the "catch and release" mode! He ran to the barn and fashioned a 1"PVC pole (long enough to stay at a safe distance from this critter) into a catch pole. He threaded a lasso's loop through the pipe and very quickly returned with a perfect way to catch this thing...

..... It was hissing and charging and clearly upset at the circumstances...

Zack slipped the loop over his neck and pulled him out into the light so that we could take a gander...never caught a badger before! WOW - they sure have long claws and a mouth full of sharp teeth!


Through my website, I was connected with a gal from Denver. She ordered 50 western wineglass charms for the Denver chapter FBI convention. She said they were a "hit" and sent me a couple photos of how great they looked!

Each one had a different western charm - horses, hats, boots,stars, well as different stones to compliment them!

THE COWBOY MOUNTED SHOOTING WEEKEND has come and gone in a "flash"! I got sick during the morning of the first day of this weekend that I had waited all year for, so I didn't even have my booth and didn't even go to enjoy it! IT WAS SUCH A BUMMER! My friend had the priviledge of borrowing a horse, and a set of pistols to give it a "shot", just for practice, not for competition...but she may have been bitten by the mounted shooting bug! Here she is! She did great and the horse was amazingly perfect for her first time out!

I know this is a montage of "happenings"...teaching is going great! Here are the 4 of us that are at the east end of the 2nd grade hall! We sure have a great time together and are just like sisters! I am so blessed to work with these gals!

Mom and Dad came to visit this Fall, to see 2 of Zack's football games. I had not seen them in a year!!! (Oh, I hate living so far from them!) They got to go to one of Zack's pep rallies at the High School...everyone was in pink to support breast cancer awareness month... My school bussed the kids over to the High School, so they could be a part of the celebration! It was so fun! I am so glad my parents could be there!
Here's Zack with the team! He and Heath (next to him) were the only Freshman to be moved up to the Varsity team! It is a huge honor!! They played the entire season on the Varsity team! I am sooooo immensely proud of him!

Dad turned 80 at the end of October, so I organized and planned a big surprise party for him at my church! It was AWESOME!!!!

They headed north to Canyon, Texas to visit with Jake at college: West Texas A&M and meet Talia! They had a great, great time!

They even met Talia's horse, Zoe! Notice Jake's prank of tying Zoe's tail to the pole while she ate!

Other happenings: Zack's last team meal (the day before their last game)for the year...we served them steaks, baked potatoes, salad and dessert! That's Zack on the left in the white cap. They LOVED it! The next night, they WON their last game!!! It was AMAZING and everyone was so THRILLED!

Susie, Luanne and Iris took a trip to the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago! They rode mules down into the canyon and spent the night at Phantom Ranch at the bottom! It took 5.5 hours each way and the trails were less in width than the mules themselves! Susie made a phenominal video!! Here they are! They had a fabulous time!!

Iris and her brand new GYPSY VANNER colt, Navarre. I have always wanted to see one of these horses...I've only seen them in magazines and they are OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You wouldn't believe the amount of hair these horses have!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful, lest you let other people spend it for you. ~Carl Sandburg

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln

You live longer once you realize any time spent being unhappy is wasted. ~Ruth E. Renkl

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. ~Braveheart

As you grow older, you'll find the only things you truly regret are the things that you didn't do. ~Zachary Scott

Those are some of my favorite quotes about the passage of time. Almost an entire month has wisped away since I have posted. Among the many opportunities and experiences that have presented themselves in the last 30 days, first and foremost was the welcome reception of our recent rains! As the gauge in concerned, it wasn't for the thirst of the earth, it seeped in,quenched the paralyzed sod and the promise of new life is slowly introducing itself across the plains. Temperatures have waned, and the gloriousness of each day is vibrant, present and affirmed. Just last weekend, Ed and I spent the morning together on a magnificent ride! The cool morning breeze in our hair, the warmth of the sun on our skin, no time limits, no fences, no worries. Perfection. Reflection. Liberation. We hadn't been together since May and as it is with our truest human friends, we just picked up where we left we had never been apart. The weekend also brought the opportunity to absorb two of the most wonderful movies that I have ever seen...The Help and Seven Days in Utopia. If you haven't made the time for these marvelous motion pictures, you must. Life-changing and heart-warming...a good cry will do that for a person.
On to the's a collage of what's been happening:

My brother and his family at my cousin's wedding in Connecticut.

Zac Garcia (graduated with Jake)- last day in Vernon before heading back to his army post in Germany. Soon to be deployed to Afganistan. Please keep him in your prayers, as well as all of our armed forces. So young, so strong, so full of adventure.

Zack and his friends, at his surprise birthday party on September 17! He's 15 and is working on getting his driver's permit!!! about the passage of time!

Of course, boys will be boys...a lil' roping, a lil' tying and alot of expended energy!

The Crew! Being a bit last minute in planning, only a few of his gang was able to make it and boy was it a surprise for Zack!

Football, Friends, Cake & Ice Cream!!

Make your wish, Zacky-Poo!

What a resemblance!

Drought conditions called for the hauling of most of the cattle to the sale...going into winter without any available hay + skyrocketing feed prices + decent cattle prices = profit gain

The opening of dove season...

Another successful rehab...the coon has been gone for almost a month now...

Zack and his buddy Heath, were moved up from Freshman ball to Varsity! It's definitely "Friday Night Lights" each week! He's doing a super job as linebacker and has earned his high ranking among his teammates! Team meals on Thursday nights...Pep Rallies... games under the lights... Saturday practices... film... weights...the whole 9 yards!

Way to go Zacky-Poo!

Preparation for the October Cowboy Mounted Shooting Event called for some media coverage...I'm in charge of the vendors this year and we're all looking forward to an exciting weekend at the arena in October!

The Ranch Rodeo (back in August) was spectacular! Enjoyed a great evening with Joline, Bucky, Susie, Dan, Brad and his sweetie!

Circle Bar team

Waggoner team

Amazing ranch horses, aged chaps, and of course nice fittin' Wranglers!

At the chutes...

Dyke's grandmother (left) turned 98 in August! What a gal!

My parents sent her a gorgeous vase of YELLOW ROSES for their YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS!

The Red River Valley Museum graciously offered to showcase some of my jewelry! I am so appreciative and greatful for the public exposure! Many thanks to the RRVM!

My boys are still roaming the pastures and growin' horns! Although I love 'um to death, they still are for sale!!!

Sloppy Joe & T-Bone

Love this picture of Zack on top of the mountains in Colorado last summer...

A few funnies before I go...



Oh...this is an old narrow door that I got out of an old farmhouse before it was torn down...I stripped it and dry brushed turquoise paint on it. Planning to use it as a jewelry display at my upcoming booths...

God Bless everyone who reads this...

I am really going to try to keep a more current posting schedule!

Sorry you had to wait so long!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


While the East Coast is struggling to cope with record flooding and wide spread destruction from Irene, SO many states fight to survive in a desperate drought that's being easily compared to the droughts of the 30's and 50's... Please, Please, Please pray for those of us who are trying to endure this seemingly hopeless situation in modern day Texas and other states alike. The mercury is continuing to level out at well over 100 degree temperatures each day. The brutality of this drought is not merely measured by annoying water rationings as it is by the dessication, desolation and destitution of livelihoods and life itself. Livestock and agricultural losses are off the historical charts. The deadly marriage of, the extreme temperatures over a severe length of time, the lack of decent moisture for the past 10+ years and the fatal and frenetic wildfires that have swept these areas, have left states like Texas, asphixiated and defunct.

The following photos illustrate the deplorable plight of many rural Texans. When you're focusing on your own little circle of life, trying to manage, it's difficult to truly realize the depth of despair of the others around you.

Seemingly sheltered urbanites fight their own version of the drought, compared to the truculent rendition of rural Texans. Despite having insurance, every farmer worries about how they are going to pay their farm loans and are then forced to make the decision of whether to borrow more money for next season's crops. Signs like these can be seen all over rural Texas.

Fredricksburg, Texas community prayer rally.

Once a pasture near just dirt...weeds don't even survive!

A whirlwind near Garfield, Texas...

After searching in the cracked soil for cotton seeds on his 175-acre cotton field in Garfield, Texas, this farmer drops to his knees in despair. He planted 800 acres of cotton, corn, wheat and sorghum, and almost all of it was destroyed by the drought.

A waterslide and rope swing stand vigilantly, as they watch their tank evaporate...
Dime Box, Texas

Dead trees are silhouetted against the dawn sky in Wyldwood, Texas.

The cattle are very poor and so many, many ranchers have had to completely sell out. It will take years to build their herds up again. These cattle wait to be auctioned off in Fredricksburg, Texas.

Underweight cattle wait to be auctioned in Fredricksburg, Texas. Ranchers can't afford to feed them or even find available hay. Large round bales, normally $35.00/each are priced up to $120.00 each in some places.

This cow is stuck in the mud of a dried up stock tank...

A ranch hand in Garfield, Texas gives water to the exhausted cow. The eight-year-old cow survived the ordeal, but two weeks later she got stuck again and died.

This cow found some green grass in the bottom of an empty stock tank at a ranch near Manor, Texas.

This corn stalk is typical of the condition of hundreds of acres of corn that was destroyed by drought on this farm in Round Rock, Texas.

Here's the Round Rock, Texas farm that will not have a corn crop this year.

Boating anyone? This is a boat ramp at a fishing camp on Lake Buchanan in Tow, Texas. The owner is trying to sell out, but the property's value has plummeted to nothing.

Many Lake Travis properties look like this: boats and docks rest on dry land.

Boat docks are unusable as the Pedernales River, which feeds into Lake Travis, is reduced to a trickle near Spicewood, Texas.