Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mama Kitty snoozin' in an old tractor seat!
Goodness, it's been a long time! Sorry! Don't know where the time went, but it has surely been hectic, busy and the days have just blurred together! Took a few shots from around the farm for this posting.
An old petroleum sign that the boys dug up several years ago...I played around with the filters and special effects and came out with this cool turquoise color! (The sign is red in "real life".) This is the "crazy kitty" hiding up in the top of the barn wall...I'm not exactly sure what went wrong during this one's birth, but she's cross-eyed and acts "bi-polar"...one minute she's ok while you're petting her and the next minute she darts off and hides!......wierd!When I was feeding the other afternoon, I noticed how beautiful the light was in the haybarn, so I converted the photo to black and white, played with the hues and this is what I got...

SWEET ED! (The wheat's been growing, but is is soooo dry here...we need rain!)

I know it's strange...but I have some kind of funky attraction to people's hands...these are mine...I wanted to post a variety of people's hands, but I figured that they would think I was wacko when I asked if I could photograph their hands, so I didn't persue that idea...maybe soon though...I really like hands for some reason and I notice people's hands instantly and all the time!
Last Saturday, a bunch of us went out to my pastor's place and we had a "play day" cuttin' cattle. It was a lot of fun! It was a gorgeous day!! At lunchtime, we all went into his leather/saddle/boot shop, made a sandwich and relaxed in the airconditioning before heading out for an afternoon round of cuttin'.

This is my Pastor, David...he could smoke his pipe and cut at the same time! What a character!

This boy's name is Kutter!

A couple weekends ago, Zack and two friends decided that they wanted to camp out in the pasture. They used the tractor to haul their equipment, but didn't want their picture taken! We're in a burn ban, because it's so dry, so they couldn't cook over a fire and had to take the propane cooker! HA! They cooked steaks for supper and homemade frenchfries! ALL BY THEMSELVES! Breakfast was eggs, bacon, sausage and homemade tortillas from one of the boy's grandmothers!

We have 5 calves on the ground so far...all bulls!!!

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Carancahua Creek said...

So glad to hear from the Red River!! Great photography - you need to teach me all that stuff. And it looks like time to cut some calves - get 'em early, calf fries will be tender!