Saturday, August 24, 2013


My first motorcycle ride...Summer's Last Blast

Happy horses, happy green pastures and full tanks (in August)! 
Thank you, God!

Junior and I reading the morning devotional together...well, tryin' atleast...he was more concerned with the rustlin' pages in the breeze than what I was actually reading to him.

2013 BOYS OF FALL - can you spot Zack?

 CANYON/RANDALL scrimmage at the WTAMU field in Canyon

 Jake came to the game and we had a great time visiting.  He's a senior this year - which I can't even fathom - and I am so proud of him and all he is doing at college, at work and as a person!

Jose was at the game too! It was so great to see him!

Mom and dad at the Samuelson Swim Academy cocktail party for financial donors! So proud for them, honored to be their offspring, and can't wait to toast to the success and forward momentum of a wonderful swim program and beautiful facility!

Awww, I ADORE my parents and MISS them incredibly!!!

Be thankful always for even the smallest of small things...but also be thankful for the bumps and blockades in your life's road...there is a reason for everything.
May God bless and keep you and may you give Him your life for an eternity!

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