Thursday, July 18, 2013


I can't remember when it rained last...the summer temperatures have already surpassed 104 degrees, but....IN get 3+inches of amazing, miraculous, soaking rains for 3 solid days....PRICELESS!  The cotton is planted and is trying its darndest to come up, but without moisture, it's basically just a seed in some dirt! Well, no longer!

Another turquoise fix........made all but 2 of them....

Went to some friends' place to watch some roping practice and this lil' cowboy jus' stole my heart!  His name is Bowie and he was right along side his daddy as they practiced in the arena!

Here's his mama and new baby brother, Brazos. Sweet, sweet family!! Had a great evening!

 Zack is now a proud owner of a Chihuahuan Raven! Dyke found 3 of them that had apparently blown out of a nest. Jake has one - named Django. Luette has one and we have one - named Junior. Here he is when we first got him.

He loves canned dog food, grapes, Vienna Sausages, wet bread and water fed to him by a syringe.  Jake and Talia came to visit before they went to Dyke's family reunion, so they brought Django and Boone...the dog. Here's Django and Junior meeting again after a few weeks of separation.


When I go out to do chores, Junior is usually on my shoulder or in this case, on my head! I think he thinks my hair is straw!

If I had a little white and black paint...I'd look like Johnny Depp in the new release, Lone Ranger!

Here's a Google image of a full grown Chihuahuan Raven...looks just like Junior!

I had to clip his flight feathers last his inside, A/C, hand feeding days are numbered! Once he started flying from his box to the couch, the bar and the countertops... and leaving his deposits behind, I knew that the countdown was on!  This weekend is when he gets weaned from life as he knows it! Oy...hopefully the cats will leave him alone!

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