Monday, July 8, 2013


July 4th was spent in Thalia, Texas (just down the road a piece), but felt like we were at an island spa/retreat! This whole place was designed and built by Rick and Rhonda. What an awesome place to spend the 4th! 

OUTDOOR KITCHEN - Equipped with everything you would need! Barnboard, galvanized tin, metal signs, neon signs, wooden floors and PERFECTNESS!

White linen table cloths, chandeliers in the trees, rustic wooden floors, great friends, great food and GREAT FUN!

Tractor seat barstools

Old West facade with barnboard, cedar posts, and old tin!


With the evening upon us, the chandeliers up in the tree, lit up and the party continued until it was time for the fireworks!

WONDERFUL FRIENDS! (We posted this picture on facebook with the caption that read - July 4th in Cancun!)  Within 60 seconds, we were getting "likes" and comments from ALL kinds of people!  It was hysterical!

Off the subject of Independence Day, here's Zack (far right) with his buddies at Lake Buffalo!

Zack's good friend, Jill and her pup, Blue.

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