Monday, January 21, 2013


“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” 

A New Year. A New Space. A New birth. A New Place.



All Q'd up!
 I had the most interesting time at Zack's first Power Lifting meet! There were like  9 teams (boys and girls) there and it was really quite amazing! Strenuously structured, openly organized, and enormously entertaining.  Competitors had 3 categories of lifts in different weight amounts, chosen by them, to compete for the greatest number of pounds in their weight class.  Regulation lifting suits, constricting knee wraps, and fierce concentration allowed for successful attempts at reaching their goals.  Here's Zack in one of his categories!  

He acquired 13th in the meet, which ranked him 4th in his region!  I am so proud of him!!! This is his first year to compete. I have never seen anything like it before and look forward to his next meet.  GO ZACK!!! 

Well, it's true...I am legally one half a century old! Here's the invitation that I designed and boy was it a great celebration! Close to 75 friends shared in the jubilee! Karaoke kept everyone quite entertained and it was just perfect!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so thrilled and forever honored to have my parents share in my 50th with me!  I will NEVER forget it!!!  They are so much fun and have touched the lives of so many of my friends!  I truly am the embodiment of both of my MAGNIFICENT parents and for that I can honestly say that I am SO BLESSED!


The picture of the 90 year old gal that Rita used to make my amazing birthday cake from!! (look like anyone you know??)
SWEET TALIA sure made the party exciting with her GREAT dancing skills! What an amazing young woman! Jake is truly blessed to have her in his life!



Mom sure had a great time with GREG! He was quite the life of the party!!

Gina and Duane

Pam, Greg and Angie 

Nancy and Vicki

Go, Beth, Go!

Dad and Angie, cuttin' a rug!

Greg, gettin' into character!

My Mother will never be the same!

Some pretty GREAT gals!

Git it, Vicki!

WAYYY too much fun!!

Poor, Kyle...he and I share the same birthday. Kyle is from Vernon and is at WT where Jake is. He's a wonderful guy and I am so glad that we could share our celebration together!

Talia and I serenaded Kyle with our duet of Happy Birthday!

Cole, Morgan, Zack and Jordan (Morgan is Zack's girlfriend and Jordan is her sister.) Beautiful girls, inside and out!

Gorgeous new bar stools from my parents for my birthday!

The new guest room! It's amazing and oh so perfect for me!

 Of course, the Christmas holiday wouldn't be complete without some duck hunting!  Cole and Zack and Penny with their limits!

Further hunting trips down to the river allowed for the removal of a couple porcupines.  Unknowingly to many, the nocturnal nuisances are devastating to standing timber and other native brush by stripping the bark from the tree and ultimately killing the tree.  

Zack helped out at one of the local youth hunts.


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