Monday, May 7, 2012


Zack and his buddies went to cheer on Josh, their other buddy, at the Varsity Baseball Playoffs!

Zack made it to Regionals in the discus! We went to Lubbock (Texas Tech) to watch him throw. Here he is with Coach Stevens.
He did a GREAT job and I was so proud of him! Especially since he's only a FRESHMAN!!!

Jake and Talia came down from Canyon to see him too! It was Jake's 20th birthday on the same day...April 28!
As planned, once Jake and Talia left Lubbock, I headed toward Canyon, myself! I had planned to surprise Jake! Cory had moved up to Canyon that very day - as he got a welding job in Amarillo.  Cristi, Chris and Cole were up there too, so I was excited to have a good time up there!  The drive was arrow straight and nothing but good ol' Texas plains!

Talia had already made reservations at Ruby Tequila's in Amarillo and made a "Better Than Sex" cake...which they allowed her to bring into the restaurant!!!

13 of his good friends were able to make it, so it sure was a fun time getting to know them and making Jake's day special! Cristi and Chris went as well and it was a lot of fun!

The next morning, Cristi and Chris and I went to see the Palo Duro Canyon (The Grand Canyon of Texas). It was really NEAT! We drove down into the canyon on the loop road.  Everything in Canyon is so flat as you drive, and all of a sudden the earth opens up and this gorgeous canyon appears!

Pictures at the overlook!

In the summer, a live performance of Texas! is put on each weekend. We went to see the outdoor amphitheater, which is down in the canyon...It sure was neat!!!

OTHER THINGS GOING ON....The wheaties are slowly rolling into town. Our wheat is golden brown and ready to be cut! I hope the price is good this year!!

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