Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MOTHER'S DAY, SPLASH DAY, RODEOS and everything in between!

Sweet Zack set his alarm for the middle of the night, got up, took his flashlight and the dogs down to the pasture and picked this gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers for me, for Mother's Day. When I came out to the kitchen in the morning, there they were in a Mason jar of water. He also made me a card to tell me how special I am to him! Ahhhh, he made my year! 
Jake was very sweet to call me on Mother's Day! It was great to hear his voice! I also talked to Talia, earlier in the morning - she is such a wonderful girl! They are both staying up in Canyon for the summer to work. It will be strange without Jake here this summer! Hopefully, he'll come home now and then!
        MECHANIC JAKE AND ZACK                  
Jake and Cory came home for RODEO WEEKEND! Cory's uncle had an old boat that was not being used, so they decided to haul it back to Canyon as a lil' project to work on after work...It certainly will be a project as it needs a new floor, seats, tires, paint job, and apparently some work needs to be done to the engine. Jake called in a panic last night looking for Dyke....something about the boat motor being on fire....I didn't ask any questions............Oops!
                                                                   MECHANIC CORY
                          Now, there's a sight!   3 Stooges in Boat Mechanics 101

The Rodeo parade kicked off the 2012 Santa Rosa Rodeo weekend! The Palamino Club was decked out in all their glory.  They were invited to ride in the Rose Bowl parade last year!
All kinds of floats, horse groups, teams, scout groups and queens graced the streets in the parade! A typical small town parade affair!

Of course, the starch-white-shirted Waggoner Ranch cowboys were lead by Weldon and his grandson!

Pat Green played in concert after the rodeo! It was great fun and a beautiful night to be out and about!

As part of the end of the year Lion Rally - the party for the kids who had good behavior during the last 6 weeks, we had SPLASH DAY! The fire truck came and 2nd and 3rd grade classes had 10 minutes of spraying time from the big ladder truck! The kids LOVED IT! I did too - of course, I had to get out in that myself! It was a blast!!!!

The sports banquet was also held recently and Zack won awards for being a freshman on the Varsity Football and Track teams! Woo-Hoo for Zack! I was so proud!!!

As you know, I'm a quote person. I love a good quote, or a unique way of saying something...found these two and wanted to share them.  Oh so true!!

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