Saturday, April 14, 2012


Our garden is in! Tomatoes, squash, peppers, onions, cukes, beans, spinach, lettuce and cilantro...

Big Kitty, loves to be the Garden Guard! Laying in the cool dirt is like catnip for him! He rolls in it ALL THE TIME!
 We went out to the garden last night after supper and watched the turtles.  Zack buried a cattle syrup tub to create a turtle habitat. 

Two of them (females) have surfaced from hibernating all winter. Yesterday, Dyke put a big male box turtle in to join the females. He said that only moments after putting him in, he had found one of the females and started mating instantly!

They have a little swimming area...

Zack even found a baby turtle that just recently hatched and surfaced. It's the only one we've found so far. His name is Franklin and we have put him in an aquarium until he gets bigger. He's about the size of a silver dollar!

One of the females, enjoying her first meal after a long hibernation!

Big Kitty, protecting the garden from the other cats...he's so selfish!

The 100 broilers (chickens) were butchered, cleaned, packaged and are now divided up between Dyke, his brother and friend... so we each have about 30 whole chickens in the freezer!

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