Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This past weekend, I was one of the 40 artists showcased in the Cowboy True Western Art Show in Wichita Falls.  It was a wonderful & beautifully designed show with amazingly talented Texas and Oklahoma artists exhibiting everything from paintings to sculpture to handmade bits and spurs to bronzes, photographs and handmade boots! I met great people, enjoyed delicious food and fun entertainment!
What a weekend!

Here's my booth...

A view of some of the artwork around my booth area..

My friend, Beth, helped me set up and opened her home to me, so I didn't have to drive home each night!

The tables were beautifully decorated in western style!

The dining and entertainment opened up to the art show, so people could browse and shop during the entire evening's activities.

Every detail was well thought out and the western style decor was perfect!

One of my favorite artists was Carlos Mosely's rock art from Fredricksburg.  It was absolutely amazing! Miniscule slivers of rock are epoxied on a slab of slate by a steady tweasered' hand!  His wife, Carol, names all of his pieces and they can be found internationally! It was captivating and awe-inspiring! Here are a few of his pieces that I especially like...Google him - you'll LOVE his website! His company is called River Rustic Fine Rock Art!

Well-known sculptor, Ann Ayers, was there and won 2nd place with her bronze of 1920's cowgirl Bonnie McCarroll, which she sculpted from the famous photo of her rodeo wreck. It was fascinating to visit with Ann and learn that she had only been sculpting since 2005! Her talent is off the charts!

The sculptor, Jim McGrath, of these hilarious wooden sculptures is truly amazing in the detail and complexity of his art - most of them have very humorous titles!
The paintings, like this one, depicted cowboy life and many were so vibrant, realistic and truly honored the life of the American Cowboy!  This particular one, is of some Circle Bar (Truscott, TX) cowboys in the land of the Big Thicket where Susie, Luanne and I rode with ranch owners Eugenie and Jerry Bob Daniels - see my posting entitled BIG THICKET RIDE.

Patty Ferguson of Medicine Park, OK is a VERY creative potter - infusing a Native American "feel" into her pottery!  She and her husband, Jim, run a B&B and her company is called Patty's Handbuilt Pottery (You can Google her too!)

It was truly a relaxing weekend, coming home to Beth's wonderfully peaceful cottage on a fabulous tree-lined street! Everything was green and alive! The pulse of inspiration!

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Love your page and a big thank You for the shout Out!!!! I'll share your blog with everyone.
Down the road,
Ann Ayres