Sunday, April 11, 2010


It seems that ever since the winter drew its last breath,the days started to whisk by...before I have realized it, one week, two weeks and three weeks have blown behind us! Jake's graduation is steadily approaching and I truly don't know if I am ready for it!By making his own blueprints, Jake designed and built, from scratch, his new "Ranch-hand" pickup grill-guard. His skills and abilities to make meticulous measurements and weld in such a precise manner, has opened up his creative eye. He really enjoys making things by welding, cutting and designing whatever is needed. His job at the local feedstore (after school) has become such a cauldron of creativity, cognizance and commitment! David, the owner of the feedstore operation, has imparted vast amounts of knowledge and hands-on exeriences for both Jake and Zack. Both boys work for him on the weekends and are planning to work throughout the summer. They both truly enjoy what the job has to offer and the way that David facilitates their daily lessons in wiring pick-ups, welding, mechanics, and various and numerous creative projects! Dyke and I are so thankful for David and his wife Pauline and how they have provided such an amazing learning environment for them.

With turkey season in full tilt, Zack has moved his focus off of duck hunting. He is obsessive with his passion for ducks...I haven't quite figured it out yet. His new "afterschool" duty (after his chores are finished) is trying to keep the blackbirds from creating a rookery (The term is applied to the nesting place of birds, such as crows and rooks, the source of the term.)in the tree above Dyke's game warden truck, where their scat accumulates and disintegrates the paint. So he and Penny sit out by the chicken pen trying to reduce the number of birds that land there.

He created decoys up in the trees, by tying the dead blackbirds to the limbs.


Penny sits at eager attention waiting to retrieve the birds on command.

Every once in a while, we fellowship in the evening with dancing, eating and visiting! It was my first Round Up and I can't wait until the next one! Great music by the church band, perfect dance floor by pushing the chairs back on the stained concrete, pot luck supper of sandwiches, chips, dips, desserts, name it, it was there!

Tony, one of the lead guitarists, a bulldogger on the rodeo circuit and is currently working on cutting his first CD in a recording studio up in the panhandle. His voice is amazing and his music is filled with spirit, soul and praise for Jesus!


Dyke, his brother (game warden in Wichita County to our east) and Zack...discussing Pie Balds.

EVER SEE A PIE BALD CATFISH BEFORE??? I had only heard of it with paint horses...

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Carancahua Creek said...

Yea! You posted! I'm glad to see what's going on up there with y'all. Sure do miss you.