Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Cristi and Susie

Smile Spencer...

Susie, Gina, Cristi and me

Dusty, Spencer and Sawyer

Love my Ed!

Susie, me and Gina...


Tim and Ellie came through Vernon. Ellie was on her way back to Denver and Tim was here to duck hunt! 
Great to see them!

 Big Kitty sleeping on my legs while I watched TV. 
Love the one arm hug!

My mom's 80th!! 
They spent it at The Inn at Weathersfield, in Vermont

1 comment:

Ann said...

Oh my, Su, your pictures are just the best!!! So creative and so very clear, they make me feel a part of your experiences! WOW! Keep that camera busy!
Wish your lovely, precious parents the best for me! What a beautiful couple...can't believe your mom is 80! She is a gem!
We loved seeing you and the Golden Girls yesterday! Made a great day even greater! <3