Friday, December 28, 2012


During this wonderful Christmas season and throughout your duration on this planet, remember to look for the positive in each day, be thankful for the challenges that are brought your way, keep God's commandments close and practice the fruits of the spirit.  



My amazing parents have blessed me with new bar stools for my 50th! I adore them (my parents AND the bar stools!)

Sunsets on the frigid December plains

There is nothing like the embrace of a snowy country Christmas, the tireless, distinctive aroma and warmth of a roaring mesquite fire, the laughter of family and friends, dirty dishes, happy dogs, purring cats and having 17 days off of work!!!!!   

Zack and his altered .22



Jake and Talia - new tools, deer rifle, Kindle Fire...

 What can you do with a few broken bike parts, some PVC pipe and a welder?

A drift trike of course!!! 
Type it into YouTube and sit back and enjoy the fruition of some very creative minds!
It's a no-brainer that DUCK HUNTING will always be part of the Christmas break!  Although the populations are a bit scant this year, it's not about the kill, but the hunt!

You might be a redneck if you clean your ducks on your tailgate right smack in the middle of the yard...


I had the most fun opportunity to keep one of my co-worker's girls the day we got out of school for Christmas! We googled 'easy Christmas crafts' and made these fun lil' pinecone skiers! We made one for each of the people in the girls' family, as a holiday table decoration!  It was so much fun and the girls did a GREAT job! What a blessing that family is!

Tickling Logan - she's in my class this year...

Gabby (had her last year in class) and Logan focus on their part of the assembly line!

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