Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Finally, a space has opened to greet another posting. 
 Time = space.
Space = reflection.
Reflection = growth. 
I have come to hold firmly to the belief that growth can sometimes bring unforseen storms.  But the best part is that those very storms arrive in our lives with the promise of healing on the other side.  With that, I am reminded of a powerful and oh so true quote that I read somewhere..."When you're going through something difficult and don't know where God is, remember, the teacher is always quiet during the test." 
The last few months have certainly held some marvelous miracles, clarity of the heart and strength in the soul. 

Around the farm: Dyke's 100 broilers are quite possibly going to eat us out of house and home...they're ravenous, feathered blobs of chicken fat just perched on the cusp of obesity! There aren't enough crumbles to satisfy them!    
As the days wane into weeks, these lil' fellas certainly have "pooched" into spectacular eating machines!

SPRING BREAK IS HERE - and even the dogs enjoy the sun-splashed days!

Dyke took Zack and Jody on an overnight camping and fishing excursion on the other side of Wichita Falls...

Gear was checked, rechecked, packed and finally it was departure time!

With Jake and Talia in from college, their time at home was far and few between, spending a lot of time down at the river and OF time was allowed for mom to take a picture of them...Jake is soooo camera shy!

Here are some pics from the fishing excursion:

So manly, so redneck, so stinky!!!!

Yes, we do have some redneck-ness...these lovely fish heads will soon grace the fenceline to the east...I'm not sure why fisherman hang giant catfish heads on their fenceposts...but they it like they're marking their territory? Strange!

Boone - Jake's pup certainly has grown since Christmas!

 Trying to sneak a pic of Jake, Talia, Zack, Cory and Jarod!  They're getting organized for a 4-wheelin' day at the river!

 Of course, Jake wanted no part in a "posed" Cory and Jarod took matters into their own hands!

Ahhh, to be 19 again!

So, with the days spent whatever way each person chooses, there's plenty of resting, eating, and just "being"...together.

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Carancahua Creek said...

So happy to see your post!! The chicks - and kids - are growing like weeds! Enjoy your week off!