Saturday, January 14, 2012


My posts since November? YIPES...sorry about that! It's been just a lil' whirlwind-ish around here for the past couple of months! Here goes all attempts to catch you up!

Saw this poster on Pinterest...have you ever been to that site? Well, it's just a tad bit (hugely) addicting! Check it out - Amazing discoveries in all areas! Recipes, solutions, photos, sayings, CREATIVITY, INGENUITY, BEAUTY...S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R! Thought this was a great way to say it....

Lubbock, Texas had a horrendous dust storm...Think again if you think the Dust Bowl Era is gone...

A friend with her hour old donkey...mama kicked 'im off, so now he's a bottle baby...look at them ears!!

BUCKSKIN HALF BROTHERS - FIRST SADDLING for the one on the right...

The deep sand in the round pen was perfect for Buck's first go round....


Christmas was here before we knew it...
During the Christmas break, I was invited to bring my jewels to the Wichita Falls Symphony during their Christmas was fun!

Very thankful to send Santas to Santa Fe this year!

The Kemp Center for the Arts
Some of my jewels that are displayed in the Kemp Center.

Zack spent a large majority of his Christmas vacation out at the deer lease on the Red River!

Zack with Tim and Bob out at the deer lease!

Cole - Zack's good buddy - catching stripers on Lake Texoma!

"We got our limit, Mom!"
(Zack, Cole and Penny)

Talia came to visit over Thanksgiving and then again at New Years! Boone is Jake's Australian Shepherd pup... Of course, Jake wouldn't let me get a picture of him...

Luanne and Bobby went to Canada to see their daughter and's Bobby after their wolf hunt! (I'm diggin' the snow camo!)

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