Monday, August 15, 2011


Nancy and I planned a garage sale for this weekend since so many people were going to be in town for the cruise weekend. It was pretty good, but what was better was to get rid of all of my accumulated stuff that was never used!

Every year, Vernon hosts "Summer's Last Blast"...a whole weekend of activities based around vintage, souped-up, jacked-up muscle cars, rock crawlers, motorcycles and fabulously colorful "blasts from the past"! Saturday night is the big "cruise" on the main drag of Vernon and it sure is a sight to see! People from all over come to this huge car show and line the streets to watch them pass by. Many of the people set up and spend the entire day on the side of the street, bar-B-Q'ing with friends and family! There are all kinds of vendors, live music and people EVERYWHERE! Jake and his friends set up a hay trailer with a huge galvanized water trough on it, filled it with water and all sat in it and watched the cruise all night! As I drove around town on Saturday, I was able to see some of the cars:

Talia came for the weekend and she and Jake had a great time at the "cruise". She even tried ol'Biscuit out!

She grew up with several brothers and had to stand up for herself, so she's a tough girl who loves to wrestle and play fight! Zack sure didn't know what to do when she tried to wrestle him to the ground! It was hysterical!
Reality has hit, because Summer's Last Blast always indicates the end of summer and the start of school!

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