Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It's so hot, my chickens are laying boiled eggs! PHEW...what in the world??? Here's the thermometer outside my kitchen window the other day! Today it was only 107 and it felt like a cold front had come through! No rain in sight...everything is drying up and blowing away in this oppressiveness!

This is kind of a random posting this time...not a whole lot going on - it's too hot to ride and quite frankly, it's too hot to do much of anything outside past 8am! Found this picture of Zack - from back in the spring when Jake and Blue (cousin) had him stand on the tailgate of the pick up while they saran wrapped (that industrial size plastic wrap that you wrap your round bales in to protect from the weather)him to the telephone pole...and then....pulled the pick up away and left Zack wrapped to the pole...I know in the last two postings, I have had a photo of Zack and some kind of "pole adventure"...I think all that pole stuff comes from my mother's side of the family! HA!!!

I've been heading into town every morning at about 7:45 to hit the gym...walk 3 miles, do arms and abs...exercise sure does make you feel better...it originally started as PT for my ankle, but now that the ol' ankle is getting more range of motion, I am continuing to go...here's what I see every morning!The middle treadmill is where I go...no one else is in there at that hour, so I flip on the flatscreen, watch the Early Show and powerwalk! It faces the street, so I can watch everyone heading to work for the day.

Coons are doing great and now when they hear my voice, they scramble down the hollow tree to get their bottles!

The heat has really hindered the growth in the garden...even with daily watering, it's just too hot for everything...I think we've harvested 3 yellow squash and that's it!

Dyke decided to till it up, to keep the soil aerated. Had to locate and put the two turtles, that live in the garden, in a bucket while Dyke tilled... these turtles have lived in the garden for more than 2 years. During the winter, they burrow down and hibernate and come spring and early summer, here they come tunneling back out! I feed them canned catfood and they just gobble it up!

It sure looked good when he got finished! The concrete curb and fence is much better for a garden out here...it keeps the moisture-sapping wind away from direct contact with the plants and the bermuda grass in the yard can't creep in and cause more weeding than necessary!

BREAKING NEWS: Just purchased a new vehicle...Chevy Equinox. It's gorgeous and I get to pick it up tomorrow! I can't wait! My maiden voyage will begin next Wednesday when I (solo) drive it to Santa Fe (I've never been there), stay the night and prowl around that historic, high end gallery town and then head north to pick up Zack in Taylor Park, Co. where he's been working at the same adventure camp that Dyke and I worked at for 5+ years! So...lots of fun blogs to come out of all of that!! Blog ya later!

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