Sunday, October 3, 2010


There's nothing like a spectacular sunrise over the Plains of Texas on a cool, dewy Sunday morning! I lay in bed, listening to the roosters begin their morning serenading, and knew before I opened my eyes, that it must be sunrise. Yup, 'shore 'nuff, the gorgeous orangy-fall-melon-of-a-sun was peering over the horizon. It was also opening day for deer season - bow hunting only. Dyke and Zack had gotten up a couple of hours earlier to head to the lease, in hopes of bringing home some winter venison.

Church was amazing this morning and full of surprises... Two young rodeo cowboys from Vernon College had been baptized in the church pond last Wednesday and were going to make the journey back home to Kansas. The newness of Christ in their hearts was fresh, raw and glowing. Their lives had been changed forever. I had only seen them - never met them - but strangely felt like I had known them for many years. At the end of the service this morning, as people were heading home for the day, I felt that I needed to say hello to these young guys, and bid them a safe trip home. Earlier in the service,Pastor David had sent around a few hats to collect some traveling money for them. So, as I handed Tanner my meager offer of ten dollars to help them on their journey, he turned to me with his eyes full of tears. I could feel the depth of his story and all of the things left undone in his life. As I prayed with him right there in the aisle, as people were heading out the doors, I noticed that his tears were soaking his black felt hat that he clutched in his hands. I knew without a doubt that Jesus had a hold of his young heart and was now in control of his life, if he would only surrender it all to God. It was a moment in time that I will not soon forget and I pray that God allows their paths to cross again at the Western Trail Cowboy Church.

The other surprise was that we (our church) held a wedding this morning! It was beautiful, simple, powerful and without all the "to-do" that most American weddings involve. A young local couple who are obviously very in love and wanted to make it official in front of their church family. Starched white shirts, Wranglers and boots...perfect.

The weather has cooled off - 50's in the morning and 70's-80's in the day. Crisp, and cool! You can smell "Fall" in the air! I love to walk outside in the early dawn and sip on my hot coffee as the birds awaken from the night and the world lightens up with the break of day.

After church, I decided to get Zack to take a few pics to update my profile. We took the dogs up to our northern fenceline, snapped a few shots and then he and the dogs walked home through the lower pasture. It was a gorgeous late afternoon!

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Carancahua Creek said...

love your post - almost feel like I'm there with you! The last picture of you is so perfect - you should submit it to a magazine or enter it in a contest! Beautiful Turquoise Cowgirl! miss you!