Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, with all the wondiferous rains, we now have humidity and mosquitos that quickly remind me of life on the Gulf Coast...BLECH!!!! YEE-HAW!

Each July, Dyke's dad's side of the family has their reunion down on the Nueces River at Chalk Bluff Camp outside of Uvalde, Texas and once again, it was great fun to see everyone, catch up on news and enjoy tubing the river! There's nothing better than a scorching hot summer day in south Texas and a beautiful, clear, cold river to cool off in!

AWWW, come on, Mom!

There were games like egg toss, egg relay, water balloon toss and pin the money on Booker! We also had a raffle for different amounts of money and a pinata!

Every year, we celebrate Aunt Polly's birthday - she's the oldest living McMahen! She turned 89 this year and as usual, Booker and his "ladies" performed a well-chorographed dance routine around Aunt Polly! What a hoot it was! Booker is such a great guy!!Aunt Polly, Aunt Jean and Aunt Barb
Hmmm, what else has been going on???

On Saturday, I had a booth at the Christmas in July craftshow. It was a lot of fun!!! For those newbies, you can check out my "stuff" on my website:

I've been looking at a new horse. Hank's his name and he's a 15.3 hand quarter horse gelding. He's very sweet.

It's been so dang hot, that if I don't get out there to mess with him early in the cool of the morning or in the evening before the mosquitos descend upon me, it just doesn't get done.
I'm hoping to get a vet-check on him this week and then make a decision.

Zack's been getting a little garden time...we have 4 turtles that live in the garden and actually come out to see you when they hear your voice. We made a little "pond" for them to swim in and discovered that they LOVE canned catfood! They do help keep the bugs at bay - especially the squash bugs!

Well, that's about it for now. I'll try to do better at posting more often...there just doesn't seem to ever be enough time. Two of my good friends that I teach with are going to fly home with me and we're taking the train into NYC to see Wicked on Broadway and some other tourist attractions and then travel to Boston to see Plymouth - where the Pilgrims landed (we teach that in our social studies classes, so we thought it would be great to actually go to the living history Plymouth Plantation! All of that will be a big posting in August!

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