Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last night was Senior Night at the football game. All of the seniors and their parents walked out on the field and were introduced to the crowd. It was a very proud moment, but also a sad one. The next chapter of Jake's life will begin before we are really ready for it, as parents. We hope in our hearts that we've done our job, as parents, the best that we could...teaching good decision making, diverting peer pressure, never settling for anything less than your best, as well as creating and reaching goals that will help throughout a lifetime.

This parenting thing is a strange can't take a course on it, you don't have to pass an exam. You do what you know and hopefully your own parents did their best job. As a employee of public school systems for 17 years, I have noticed a severe increase in the lack of good parenting across the board. It's amazing what parents today will allow their young children to be exposed to... it's in the news, it's in your town, and it's across the globe...I truly believe that if more parents would start stepping up to the plate to do their job in a more positive, successful way, the youth of today would possess the skills they need to be more successful and raise more successful Americans to better this world. There...I said it...I don't get on my soapbox often, but things that I see and hear in the schools today would astonish you.

It was sad to realize that Jake's high school football career will be over after the next game. Their season has not been a good one, and for the seniors, that will not be a good memory.

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