Thursday, September 17, 2009


My appologies to one and all for not getting another posting in a WHOLE MONTH OF SUNDAYS!! Geeze, it seems that once school started, the life of leisure on the farm vaporized into thin air. I am now writing from school, just to say, I am still here...but "life" has pushed my love of blogging, to the back of the line. My camera also broke, so I have not been able to post pictures'est la vie!

Zack's ACL was injured in Tuesday's game, then on the way home from the game, we hit a hog and it totally crunched in the front of my car, so I am dragging bottom now. Dyke left yesterday for 10 days of elk hunting BY HIMSELF...and he hauled Biscuit, the black mule, up there with him. No cell GPS... primitive camping/hunting...just a bow and some homemade arrows...military MREs (meals ready to eat) for food and a couple of giant ice chests to bring the meat home in...I think he's in a mid-life crisis...all I know is that he is in the Crystal Creek area...very rugged, very remote, very far from any roads...Jeremiah Johnson here I come!

My parents are here for a week, so that's one of my BRIGHT SPOTS this week...the other is that today is Zack's 13th birthday!!!!

Well, better run for now. Stay tuned for more...including some pics, when I get my new camera! God Bless!

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