Sunday, March 29, 2009


There's been talk up in these here parts that we should be gittin' ready for what's instore for this country... with Obama and all. Some people I know are stockpiling ammo and guns...With the state of the union the way it is, many feel that we need to be ready for self suffiency...hence our new garden ( I think we're getting a milk cow next.)

When Dyke is involved in constructing something - it's built to last for generations.

The wind on the plains is incessant and unceasing, and when you add the furnace-like summer sun variable, things just wither and suck back into the earth. We have tried gardens and orchards in the past...once mid July hits, nothing produces and the wind and sun just rip into the plants and it's an instant death. This year, we decided to locate it behind the house (used as a windbreak) as well as adding a concrete curbing and picket fence to aid in the growth and production of fresh veggies for the summer and fall.

It was a family affair that spanned 2 days of our Spring Break. The forms were built, chickenwire and rebar were added for strength and the concrete was poured by hand. I was the Mixing Queen. Using an electric concrete mixer, made the job much easier than mixing it in a wheelbarrow - I've done that before and this was a piece of cake! Sand, water, portland cement...3:1 ratio - a few rotations in the mixer and it was ready to pour.
Once the concrete had set up some, Zack and I picked a scripture to write in the concrete. Jake thought it was wierd, so he chose not to pick a scripture... I picked John 6:35 and he picked Genesis 27:3...look 'um up, they're good ones! Next to mine, I sunk a big turquoise stone into the concrete and Zack chose a big fish hook and a broadhead. At the gate area, I wrote "Praise God Everyday...God Makes All Things Possible"

It turned out GREAT! We plan to till it up, add sand and make some raised beds with a walkway down the center. Tomatoes, cukes, peppers, squash, and beans will be the first generation of plants to raise. Hopefully fall will bring brocolli, potatoes, spinich, and lettuce.

Hopefully, the next addition will be some laying hens - the young chicks don't seem to make it too well around here with all of the varmints, so I am hunting for some adult layers to keep these 4 roosters company!

Only 9 more Saturdays until summer vacation! Yee-Haw!

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