Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am currently working on my Red River Chronicle 2008 and will post it as soon as possible. Things have been a little crazy around the farm - the cattle have likened themselves to the famous Houdini and so, many of them are fixin' to take a one-way trip to the salebarn. Something about the longhorn crosses - it's like the cow jumped over the moon - they can sail over a 5 strand barbed wire fence without effort...we're all back in the saddle after the holiday break...the days seem to blurr into weeks and then's hard to believe it's January already!
Well, better run for now - keep in touch...the new Chronicle will be out (hopefully this weekend) and I will also be adding pictures to the other Chronicles to finish them up.
Smile at the start of each new day, give thanks to God for breath and life and always look at the positive end of the cow!

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